to the Land

Gibadda Farm:

A Project with ancient roots

This small start-up farm, a dream come true for Luigi, is nestled in the little town of Arbus. Luigi, long a fan of fine wines, an experienced restaurateur and sommelier, is now seeing his dream of many years, coming true.  Long a professional in Venice, he has never abandoned his idea of bringing his years of practice back to his home town.  In 2014, this dream became a reality with the purchase of 2 pieces of land, one already planted with vineyards and olives and, one still uncultivated a place to plant a new vineyard and the start of this new project.

Enthusiasm and curiosity leads him to dedicate all his energies to being a farmer, discovering richness of the land and its fruits. Each step of this new project is followed patiently by Patricia ,  who shares his dreams,  and together they give a personal and unique touch to their work. Starting from the research of water, the nourishment of the earth, the recovery of the old vineyard, each job has the unique character of its owners.

In the same year the first grape harvest of  the varieties Monica di Sardegna, Bovale and Barbera, traditionally found in the antique vineyards of Sardinia, bring back to one’s memory, the perfumes and aromas of this land. Luigi wishes to pass on in his wines, his passion for Sardinia as well as its native wines two ingredients integral to his work.